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Refuge from a storm

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1Refuge from a storm Empty Refuge from a storm on Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:42 am

The windows shuddered and groaned with protest under the merciless lashings of rain and wind that bore down from the northerlies. The patrons inside, of all walks of life,
sat amongst one another and nursed their drinks as they waited for the storm to subside. The ones closest to the door grumbled and turned away as the heavy wooden portal
swung inward, allowing another pub-goer to join the ever swelling ranks of city folk, eager to take shelter from the elements. This one was dressed in a heavy cloak which hung
about his feet, heavy and lank with rainwater. A large hood was swept back, and in its wake a small shower of water, along with the soft jangling of a few silver bracelets
bumping together. Mostly dry hair, silver and bound back with a slight strip of cloth remained settled over elegantly pointed ears. An elf. The man was handsome, a trait most of his
kin took for granted, himself among them. He flashed an easy smile to a waitress that passed him, then removed his cloak and hung it on a hook next to the doorway. His
attire underneath was a little more garish, a fine tailored jacket over a buttoned cotton white shirt. His pants were of a light material as well, and anyone who wore such easy fitting
clothes most likely prefered flexibility over defense, a benefit armors clearly afforded. He wore rings on both hands, and a necklace descended under his shirt. The elf had
skin of a dull blue colour, like the pale shadows of stormclouds. His eyes, however were the most catching feature. Pale and luminous yellow, like a wolf. They roamed over each
and every person in the room in the span of seconds, before he moved to the bar and helped himself to a stool. Catching the attention of the bartender, he placed his order and
procured some coins from under his jacket, handing them to the tender.

(Everyone feel free to join in, drinks on me. Very Happy )

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