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Ryuken "The Wolf"

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1Ryuken "The Wolf" Empty Ryuken "The Wolf" on Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:22 am

Basic Information
Name: Ryuken "Wolf" Ah'raniihi
Nickname: Wolf / Blue Fox
Gender: Male
Race: Moon Elf
Age: Mid 100's
Profession: Professional Thief and Rare Item Hunter, Adventurer-For-Hire
Classes: Rogue
Languages: Common, Elven
Accent: He seems to speak with the neutral dialect of one who has spent time in many different areas, having no particular accent.

Physical Information
Height: 5'3
Weight: 54kg
Body build: Lithe, Slender
Skin type: Smooth
Hair style: Shoulder-Length (Bound Back)
Scars: Small one towards right edge of lips, one or two on neck, all long healed and go mostly unnoticed.
Tattoos: Elvish Rune around navel, along left side of his neck and wrapping around his right forearm, all different meanings.


Hair: Silver
Eyes: Amber
Skin: Dull Blue

Mental Information
Alignment: Neutral
Philosophy: "Money Buys Everything"
Deity/Beliefs: Rarely speaks of faith to anyone but close friends.


Proud: Being a pesky thief that has frequently evaded pursuers in the past, he has become sure of himself.
Greedy: Money speaks to the man, and he rarely risks his neck unless there is to be personal gain. That said, he is not evil.
Savvy: Despite being an elf, he speaks with the unusual slang of a street ruffain, and has a way with words when dealing with similar folk.
Thrill Seeking: He greatly enjoys games of strategy and sport, and will try everything once, and twice if he has a knack for it.

Additional Information

Gear: He dresses in the practical yet modestly stylish clothes of a man not afraid to spend his coins (Albeit unwisely).
Jewelry: He wears several rings on both hands, and a silver stud in each ear. Also bears a silver necklace, which disappears under his clothing.
Habbits/hobbies: Gambling, Adventuring, Flirting, Making Gold.
General Health: In fine health, athletic and strong.
Favorite Drink: Whatever the mood calls for.
Weaknesses: He has a tendency to spend his coins almost as quickly as he gains them.

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