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Alistor Brimsbane

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1Alistor Brimsbane Empty Alistor Brimsbane on Thu Oct 28, 2010 10:22 pm

Basic Information
Name: Alistor Brimsbane
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 28
Profession: Arms Dealer, Hellpact Broker (not advertised, nor widely known)
Classes: Warlock, Hellfire Warlock, Shadowdancer

Physical Information
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 140lbs
Build: Athletic, on the thin side
Hair: Black, well trimmed
Eyes: Black irises. When using Darkvision, his eyes become fully black.
Skin: Slightly reddish hue, and extremely hot to the touch

Mental Information
Alignment: Lawful Evil (character sheet doesn't reflect this)
Philosophy: Every man has his price.
Deity/Beliefs: Most in line with Waukeen's philosophy, but follows no god. Has designs on personal apotheosis.

Alistor has grown quite wealthy through his shrewd business practices, and is extremely prideful of his work. He has expensive tastes, wearing only the best clothing and equipment, possessing a certain disdain for what he considers "the teeming, plebian masses". His extensive dealings with Baatezu have stripped away his compassion, leaving him utterly unable to understand the emotions of others. He relies entirely on logic and calculations. That said, he is not a monster, and is willing to lend assistance as long as it doesn't inconvenience him. He even makes generous donates to charity causes from time to time, although this is done as a calculated effort to improve his public image, as opposed to any genuine desire to help the destitute. He does not believe in objective good or evil, and could be best described as an ethical egoist.

Additional Information:
Gear: He wears luxurious red robes, which conceal a mithril breastplate. His helm conceals his features nearly entirely, save for his black eyes. When preparing to attack, his eyes burn with Hellfire, appearing as twin orbs of red amidst the eyeslit. He carries a morningstar of devastating power, and a round shield for defense. All of his equipment is of his own manufacture, and he has spared no expense in ensuring his personal safety.
Habits/hobbies: He takes great pleasure in his laboratory work, often spending days at a stretch attempting to solve a trivial equation. He devotes the majority of his time and research to uncovering the secret to apotheosis--the path to Godhood. However he is more than willing to make time for a customer, as his experiments don't fund themselves.
Favorite Drink: He is fond of exotic wines, especially those not of the Prime Material Plane, and will only drink a vintage 1300 or older.
Weakness: He has no capacity for empathy, and views the world through pure cold logic. He can fake it for the most part, but his reactions to others suffers nonetheless. Alistor cannot speak a lie without suffering visceral agony. This applies to intentional and direct falsehoods only. If he speaks a falsehood out of ignorance, or tells a partial truth (such as "Darth Vader murdered your father, Luke") that effectively dodges this.

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