A persistent world set in the Frozen North of The Forgotten Realms


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Shadows Falling

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1Shadows Falling Empty Shadows Falling on Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:37 am

Basic Information
Name: Evaliir the Jester
Aliases: Jester, Jackal, Shadow
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Sun Elf
Age: Unknown
Profession: Scout, Hunter, Ranger
Classes: Ranger(primary), Rogue, Shadow Dancer
Languages: Common, Elven, Animal, Sylvan
Accent: Calishite

Physical Information

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 158lbs
Body build: Athletic
Skin type: Scarred
Hair style: short, cropped
Scars: Lots of them, one scar standing out more than others runs from the edges of his mouth to his ears in a permanant Jester's Grin.
Branding: He has a branding in the shape of a Skull with a Scepter in it's mouth on the upper left portion of his back.


Hair: silvery gray
Eyes: steel-grey
Skin: Dark Tan

Mental Information
Alignment: Neutral Good
Philosophy: "The Possibilities are Endless"
Deity/Beliefs: Worshiper of Silvanus and Highly Respects Chauntea.


Cynical he believes that the there is always something bad bound to happen.
Protective He can be very protective of the people and places he comes to care about.
Decisive Once he makes a decision, he doesn't wait for everyone Else's approval. Instead, he does what is best for everyone.
Confident He is very confident in his abilities, bodering on arrogance.

Additional Information

: He dresses in tight fitting leathers and goes out of his way to obscure his face, either with a hood or a black velvet mask.
Jewelry: A multitude of earrings line both of his pointed ears in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Habbits/hobbies: Smoking, Drinking, Reading, Training
General Health: Excellent shape
Favorite Drink: Dwarven Firewhiskey
Weaknesses: He is an alchoholic and has a great weakness for children, especially orphans.

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2Shadows Falling Empty Re: Shadows Falling on Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:35 pm

Hooded and masked, the half-elven ranger known as Evaliir by some and Jester by others sat against a large oak within the Grove besides a very large Grizzly bear, running his slender scarred fingers through the bear's thick coat, his steel gray eyes peering out at a small gathering of Chaunteans at the edge of the Grove next to Karinam, seemingly deep in conversation of some subject or the other.

Long has it been since I've even come close to being around others of the so called civilized races... I've pulled away ever since the end of that shadow war ordeal, falling deep into contemplation of my life and actions, coming to a large variety of conclusions...

It is whispered in my ears that the people of Quaervarr seem to view myself as some sort of hero-figure... I'm not a hero however, few that have known me personally would agree with the people's view of me... I am surprised that those whom know the Jester have not demanded the statue to be taken down... yes, a statue of all things... *he smiles under his mask* These people sure have an odd sense of heroism... I'm no hero, I'm just a man that's trying to do all that he can in the worship of his god and the protection of the lands he has deemed fit to protect.

I suppose I have done enough hiding in the woods, perhaps it is time that I involve myself with these people on a greater scale, bring myself to their doorstep and help them make their way in this world...-without- disrupting the flow of things.

With that last thought, Evaliir stood and strolled towards Karinam and the Chaunteans with his large furry companion at his side.
"Karinam, might I be of assistance?"

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