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Elyan Sunsword

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1Elyan Sunsword Empty Elyan Sunsword on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:11 pm

Sitting at the edge of his bed, allowing his feet to hang from the ledge, the rug tickling his bare feet, a kind and soft sensation that he enjoys, Elyan smiles as time passes by sun pouring in through the window bathing him in the light of his god, Lathandier the Morning Lord as his mind wanders into his past.

I remember that day clearly. I was born an orphan in Sembia, left at the doorsteps of a Lathandrite temple, I'd like to believe that they took me in out of the kindness of their hearts...but perhaps it was due to the rose shaped birthmark that I bear upon my person

He touches two fingers over said birthmark that resides right behind his left ear.

I was raised into the ways of the Morning Lord, an honest and truthful path, I was to be a priest by the hopes of my elders...but, fate chose otherwise. At the age of 15, is when I found both my chosen path... and my first love. It all began when I met a Templar of the Morning Lord, a knight of the Order of the Aster. I saw his ways, saw him train, saw him pray..and I begged him to take me as his apprentice...much to the surprise of the priests...Maybe they were a bit disappointed, but Father Rosenwell was proud for me, and that's all that mattered, for he was like a father to me in many ways.

Several months into my training, I learned much from my mentor, but I did not achieve that level of dedication and strength that can shape a paladin, not at that time....until I met her. She was a ray of sunshine, so happy. Her golden hair radiating as if it were a mirror of the Morning Lord's Light. her green eyes calm and smooth like morning dew upon the grass in the fields. It all started when we bumped into each other in the Market as I was out on an errand for my mentor....

We took an instant liking to each other, I adored her purity, her untainted beauty of mind body and soul...For me, she was like a small piece of heaven and we courted for years to come. I was happy, she was happy...but my incompetency could not protect her....

The undead took her...It happened so fast....I made my way to the Oak Tree outside of town, the place where we always met to bathe in each other's affection...but what I saw..horrified me and brought tears to my eyes...She was there..but she was not herself....Her dress was torn and shredded, her skin was pale, her hair tangled....tears fell from my eyes as I saw what she had unholy creature...somehow, the undead had tainted her...and my heart wept openly for her suffering...for the suffering I endured to see her in such a state....She attacked me..claw after claw tore at my tunic screaming in her painful rage..but I felt inside a relieve my love of her pain, even if it meant that I would bear the guilt upon my shoulders forever and I struck.

I drew my sword in a quick motion, slashing down with all my might..praying for Lathander's guidance, to end her suffering... even if I had to bear it for her....even if I had to endure the pain of destroying the one I love for all of eternity..and that was the first time I felt the powers of a paladin flow through my body, Lathander's divine light flowing through my body in a rosy haze as my blade slashed through the monster my love has become.

Since then I have made a vow.....As long as I am still able to breathe....I will not let evil triumph ever again.

A small tear runs down his cheek as he remembers his love "Alisia, I miss you."

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2Elyan Sunsword Empty Re: Elyan Sunsword on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:14 pm

I remember that day...the day my life changed so drastically....the day when I took up the Morning Lord's Banner as a paladin...a knight..a crusader against the evil that plagues this world....I remember that day well. It was a year or so ago, I was heart aching from how I had to put my own Love, tainted by the curse of undeath to the tip of my blade....I knew then that my life would never be the same..

Morninglord Pierce called me to his presence, infront of a hearing a few days later.....


1 year ago...

Elyan was sitting in the rose garden outside of the Roseworth Chapel, a chapel dedicated to Lathander with barely 10 priests, a monk and 2 paladins in service to the chapel.

It has been a few days now since the day he came across Alisia's tortured undead form, forced to pick up his blade and strike out at her, biting through the flesh of the woman he loved with all his heart..though knowing what he did was the right thing to do, he still looks upon his hands and sees the blood upon his flesh, no matter how many times he washes them...the blood stain never coming out..and it hurt him so.

However, through his thoughts, he knew that he worked in the name of the Morning Lord, for what was right..for what was just...but that did not lessen his pain, he thoought himself unworthy to be a paladin..unworthy to speak Lathander's name but all those thoughts came to a halt when Morninglord Pierce placed a hand upon his shoulder, gesturing him to follow the Morninglord to the main Chapel Hall.

He was astonished as he walked in, looking at the gathering of the Elder Council, a council comprised of nearly 20 Sembian Morninglords.... They sat upon the benches...the council's Elder standing infront of the altar, a beautiful rose colored sword attatched to his hips and gestured the young man forward.

"Come child...Elyan Sunsword...kneel"

And he fell to his knees before the High Morninglord, his body shaking, his heart filling with unsteady thoughts, unsure of himself...not knowing if he was worthy of this moment, and then the High Morninglord spoke to him.

"Worry not oh Child of the Violet Rose....You have earned this, by the grace of Lathander himself"

He draws the rose colored sword, placing the blade upon Elyan's right shoulder. "I dub thee"

He moves the blade to Elyan's left shoulder "In the grace of Lathander"

and moves the sword back to his right. "Sir Elyan Sunsword, knight and paladin of Lathander."

A rose colored light filled the chapel, a sign of favor from the Morninglord, blessed upon the newly knighted paladin and all his doubts, all his fears, the anger he felt towards himself...they were all cast away for that moment of peace..that communion, that special connection he felt to his deity and his cause...and he knew then that he was a paladin..he knew then what was expected of him..and what he must do to meet those expectations.

A paladin was born....

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3Elyan Sunsword Empty Re: Elyan Sunsword on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:15 pm

Elyan kneels infront of the Morning Altar within the temple, he pulls out a rose pink rosary and clasps his hands together in prayer to his Lord, his Father, his Mentor and closest friend, he bows his head whispering his words of admiration and dedication from his heart and soul.

O' Father place your hands on me, your devoted servant...your knight...your hand to do your bring light to the dark places in this prayers I send to you.

O' Father....I have been here for a mere 3 days but the time spent here, I feel I have grown stronger in your name more than any other time. I can feel your touch, I can feel your will.

O' Father....I thank you for your blessings upon me, to let me bring light into the battle undead, to destroy evil and bring forth the light....I pray to you, I offer my deepest gratitude to you..

As his prayer ends, a rose colored aura begins to glow around his person, he who was born to be a paladin...his mind filled with the words to various spells and his heart felt joy mixed with surprise, he could not help himself but to draw his blade and whisper the words as he ran a slender finger along the cold dark steel.."Ave Lathandera, Tahal-masha...In the name of my Lord, I bless thee" and much to his delight his sword began to glow with a divine aura, pure and good like the rays of the morning sun.... Elyan couldnt help but smile.

"Thank you O' Father"

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4Elyan Sunsword Empty Re: Elyan Sunsword on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:19 pm

Tears poured down the cheeks of the young boy's face as a bruise began to form on his forehead, the children around him laughing at him as he stood over a young girl, protecting her and her teddybear with all his heart.

"Look everyone! Look! He's crying! the orphan is crying! Ahahahaha!" One of them called out in mockery before picking up another stone and throwing it at the young boy, breaking skin upon contact and the rest of them jump in on the fun, kicking, punching and stomping the boy, laughing and making fun of his weakness. "Father said orphans are weak! Said they aint got a daddy to teach em!"

"Your father was right!" another one called as he stomped on the boy's hand, breaking his knuckles, but the boy never spoke a word, he did what he could to be a sheild for the defenseless girl behind him, he would take the pain...for he could not stand to let her be bullied, to let the teddybear, her happiness be taken from her.

Minutes passed and the other children grew tired, the young guardian to be near unconsciousness. "Come on gang! This isnt fun! Not one bit!" the leader of the small group yelled out and spit in the boy's face. "He aint nuttin!" called another. "Let him be with the baby and her bear!" and the boys strode off, hands dug into their pockets as if the world was theirs to rule.

When they were gone the girl rushed over to the boy's beaten form, clutching onto him, shaking him. "El! El!" she called his name, tears pouring down her cheeks. "El! Please! I'll throw away teddy! I dont want you hurt anymore!"

The young boy grunted at this, reaching his hand up to her face and simply flicked her nose, the laughed, masking his near unbearable pain, a poor attempt at it but still he tried. "Idiot! Keep your Teddy...He makes you happy doesnt he?" the boy wipes her tears off her cheek with his dirtied hands..and tries to comfort her. "Now stop crying....It aint worth your tears Ali. so stop crying...I promise...You will never have to cry again"

Elyan awakes from his dream, sweat matting his skin causing his tunic to stick to his flesh as he runs a hand through his drity blonde hair he cant help but wonder why now...why now is it that this old memory comes to his mind, he smiles softly as a single tears fights against his will but he does not let it, forcing himself to smile, even when he is alone in the darkness of his tent.

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5Elyan Sunsword Empty Re: Elyan Sunsword on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:25 pm

He lays his head down to sleep, drifting into the realm of dreams and prophecies.

He finds himself standing in an endless field of rose-hued clouds, light and the soft scent of roses in the breeze as he takes the scenery in as a beautiful divinely inspired being appears, her pearly white skin draped in robes of the same color as the clouds, white wings spread out from her back, her face shinging so brightly underneath a curtain of flowing silky white hair. and she spoke to him.

"Oh great grandson...I was beginning to wonder how long it would take you to find this place, come" She places a gentle hand upon his shoulder and guides him to an opening in the clouds, a pit of endless white light before she swirld her finger in it's center and began to turn it, causing an image to appear.

"look inside" she said "Look and see for yourself, the hands of Destiny...

The young paladin peered into the opening and saw an image of war, he saw an elderly knight, late in his sixties, his armor that of a lathandrite paladin covered in blood as he ran from patient to patient, from the heat of battle and back to the patients again..the old paladin was exhausted beyond measure but still pushed himself forward, not heeding to the pain, the exhaustion...for hope still burned deeply in his soul.

The image shifted to another scene, an army of undead, driven mad through some dark endless sea of rotten flesh and undying blood, the sky as dark as can be but just then, a rose colored light burst forth amid the sea of flesh, undead began flying into the air and disolving into dust, some falling where they stood as the divine light touched upon them and there stood the elderly paladin, tired and exhausted as he fought the sea of undead, still holding strongly onto his faith as he swung his weapon in wide arcs and slammned it into the endless sea of rot and decay, his faith never waivering as rose colored wings wrought of the purest light spring from his back, slicing into the undead as he calls forth the power of his god, a bright light bursting forth, blinding everything from view and the image was gone.

Elyan turned his face to regard the angel like being in silent thought, but she was somehow able to read his mind.

"Yes my dear great grandson...that was you...or will be you. Your Destiny, as a paladin of the morninglord....your Destiny to fight to the very end, it will be long and exhausting...It will be filled with turmoil, grief and loss..but at the same time hope, love and rewards that cannot be gained through the flesh. Do you still choose to follow this path?"

"Yes, I do" He answered firmly, not even bothering to give it a second thought, for he knew deep down in his heart that no matter what, he will always be a matter what, he will always hold on to his ideals.

She leaned over to gently kiss him on the forehead. "I knew you would say that"

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