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PvP etiquette by arolar

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1 PvP etiquette by arolar on Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:28 am


If you intend to enter into PvP combat you must be clear when discussing things with your potential adversary:

1) Your OOC communications to your adversary MUST be consistent with your IC game actions. If you are going to cast a spell that targets the adversary or the area he/she is in DO NOT say that you are not going to start PvP.

2) Be clear in your communications. If someone asks if you are initiating PvP or are accepting PvP combat provide clear yes or no answers. OOC communications can either be done using the tell channel -OR- by using OOC annotation ( "(( ))" or "//" or "OOC:" ). Setting a person to hostile or attacking them must be done AFTER both parties have agreed to PvP.

3) If one of the combatants is a spellcaster and the PvP question is asked before buffs are applied, that spellcaster cannot say "NO" and then continue buffing and then start PvP later when he/she is all buffed. When the PvP question is asked during buffing the spellcaster must respond OOC in a timely manner whether they intend PvP. Casting 2 or more buffs before answering YES is not acceptable.

4) When it comes to PvP IC actions and dialogue must match the OOC intent.

5) With the addition of SoZ there is the opportunity to play many different races. At M&S these races are divided into two categories. Violent & Cooperative. The following is a list of all races considered violent on M&S:

Ogre (and ogre subtypes except Half-ogre, which are half human)
All Goblins
All Orcs except Half-Orcs and Ondonti
Lizard King

All other races are considered "Cooperative"

6) When a member of a Violent Race meets any other PC there are three options of how that encounter can be resolved. These additional rules only apply when one PvP PC is a member of the "Violent" races:

a) Neither member requests PvP. This would be like any other RP encounter.

b) Either PC requests PvP and a PvP fight ensues. This case is handled via the normal PvP rules.

c) One party requests PvP and the other party refuses. In this case the party that refuses PvP will have to "give ground". This means one of two things:

i) If the Violent race PC refuses PvP then that PC must exit the map so that he/she moves away from a surface city (or Rauvinwatch Keep) of the gameworld.

ii) If the Cooperative race PC refuses PvP then that PC must exit the map so the he/she moves toward a surface city (or Rauvinwatch Keep) of the gameworld.

If you have any questions on this policy ask a DM Like a Star @ heaven

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