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Surface drow no no's

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Drow Characters are universally feared and loathed by almost all towns and cities in the Silver Marches. Therefore, the following rules are in effect for drow characters on the surface.

1) Drow characters are not to enter Silverymoon or Rauvinwatch Keep (interior) without a DM present to adjudicate the situation.

2) Drow characters shall not complete any quests for Silverymoon nor Rauvinwatch Keep without a DM present to adjudicate the situation.

3) PvP rules for drow are the same as other characters.

4) If you wish to have a DM adjudicate for rule 1 or 2 above contact the DM via tell or the DM channel. The DM will let you know if he/she has time to do this. Please do not ask a DM to do this when he/she is running an event.

5) Drow are tolerated in Llorkh. Drow characters are allowed to interact with merchants and perform quests in Llorkh. While in Llorkh Drow are usually treated as "lesser" beings and have almost no rights with regards to the laws of Llorkh.

6) Half Drow are tolerated but not openly accepted in Silverymoon and/or Rauvinwatch Keep. In Llorkh they are fairly well accepted but may come under suspicion a bit more easily than folk of non-drow lineage.

The staff is currently considering policies regarding the drow as they currently do not require an application. If there are changes to the above policy you will be informed.

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