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SOME Human subtypes

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1SOME Human subtypes Empty SOME Human subtypes on Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:22 am

Deep Imaskari

Secret and few, the deep Imaskari are heirs to the lost empire of Imaskar. One of the earliest human empires, Imaskar rose in what is now the Dust Desert and Plains of Purple Dust. Wizard-kings of heady power, the Imaskari were destroyed by the slaves they had abducted from other worlds (who eventually became the folk of Mulhorand and Unther) and the machinations of unusual creatures of their own creation (the phaerimms). The Imaskari faded away into history as their empire crumbled, leaving behind nothing but mysterious ruins. A secret few, however, charged with epic wizardry, managed to preserve themselves and their kin. Fleeing deep into the bowels of the earth, they sealed themselves away from both the knowledge and the recriminations of the surface world.

The deepest fissures of the earth have long hidden an ancient secret: The descendents of the Imaskari still live. Thousands of years of isolation combined with purposeful magical modifications have transformed these deep Imaskari into a human subrace adapted to life underground. The deep Imaskari have long managed to conceal the existence of their hidden kingdom even from other Underdark races by enforcing complete separation. Now, however, deep Imaskari isolation is coming to an end. The magical seal that so long protected the kingdom of Deep Imaskar has been breached, and a few deep Imaskari have begun to wander the deep ways of the world that their ancestors fled long ago.

Racial Traits:

- Ability Adjustments: -2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence.

-Medium: As Medium creatures, deep Imaskari have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

- Low-Light Vision: A deep Imaskari can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination.

- Spell Clutch: Because the deep Imaskari have studied magic for ages on end, a certain facility with magic has seeped into their blood. A deep Imaskari can add one extra 1st-level spell to her known spellbook.

- Skills: +3 racial bonus on Hide checks.

- Favored Class: Wizard. A multiclass deep Imaskari's wizard class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing.

- Level Adjustment +0:

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Extaminaars are the result of interbreeding between yuan-ti and human members of the noble House Extaminos, which has ruled the city of Hlondeth for more than eight hundred years. They came to be after human cultists of the snake-goddess Varae (a aspect of Sseth) began consorting with yuan-ti in the region surrounding the city of Hlondeth. Members of the leaders of the two groups, the yuan-ti of House SeSehen and the humans of House Extaminos, intermarried, producing more yuan-ti, who quickly came to dominate House Extaminos and Hlondeth itself. To create a corps of loyal troops, as well as to ease relations with their human subjects and serve as the house's public face, the Extaminos yuan-ti created the extaminaars, a new subrace blending human and yuan-ti abilities.

Extaminaars are born resembling scaled, armless human babies with undefined facial features, but grow to resemble thin, pale humans with straight black hair and brownish spots on their neck and back. Extaminaars outside Hlondeth serve as diplomats, spies, and interrogators for their yuan-ti creators. They operate from the sewers and the shadows, hatching schemes to merease the power of their house and finding victims on which to perform their vile grafting and breeding experiments they learned from the yuan-ti. Only the second generation of Hlondeth extaminaars has come to maturity, and other yuan-ti houses are starting to create extaminaars of their own.

Racial Traits:

- Ability Adjustments: -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity.

-Medium: As Medium creatures, extaminaar have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

- Low-Light Vision: A extaminaar can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination.

- Spell-Like Abilities (1/day):
Animal Trance

- Snake Blood: By having snake blood in their veins, an extaminaar gains a +1 bonus on Reflex saves. Also, any saving throws versus poison gains an additional +2 bonus.

- Hardiness vs. Poison: Extaminaars have a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against poisons.

- Favored Class: Rogue. A multiclass extaminaar's rogue class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing.

- Level Adjustment +0:

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Ice Hunters
This ancient people lived here long before other humans. They tend to be short, dark-haired, and broad-faced with lightbrown skin. They were the original primitives dwelling on the shores of the Trackless Sea. The arrival of the Northmen drove them farther and farther north until now they live only in small tribal communities along the Cold Run and on the Ice
Peak (though several villages have become Northmen towns).

Ice Hunters stolidly resist the culture of other people. They live simple, rarely violent lives fishing and hunting seal, whale, walrus, and bear on the floes of the Sea of Moving Ice. On land, they travel by canine-drawn sleds. At sea, they use small watertight boats of sealskin (khveks) and larger boats (oumyeks). Though primitive, Ice Hunters are noted for their wisdom. They're protective of their real names, and use nicknames when dealing with outsiders. Ice Hunter nicknames are based on nature and rarely indicate personal achievement, such as "Sky in the Morning," "Man of Red Sealskin," "Ten Dogs," "Bride of Reindeer," or "Wake of Ice."

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The term refers to one of several seagoing, warlike people found on the coast north of Waterdeep and the western islands, including Gundarlun, Ruathym, Norheim, and Norland. The tall, fair-haired, sea-loving Northmen were the third human people in the North. Dwarven records say the Ice Hunters ranged the North millennia before Netheril, who themselves were centuries before the Northmen. The Northmen's primitive ancestors built small villages along the coast. Many grew to importance, including fabled Illusk (Luskan), Eigersstor (Neverwinter), Port Llast, and Nimoar's Hold (Waterdeep). Early Northmen avoided the wild interior; they farmed the rocky—but rich—coastal lands, fished the waters warmed by north-bound currents, hunted deer in the forests, and whaled in the Trackless Sea. Yet with summer, the call of the sea would be irresistible to the men, and they would set sail to raid nearby communities.

From Kythorn to early Marpenoth, the barbaric battle cries of Northmen were heard in Lantan, Amn, Tethyr, Calimshan, and other cities of the Shining Sea, even as far south as Nimbral. The Northmen explored the Trackless Sea, discovered Illern, Gundarlun, Ruathym, The Purple Rocks, the Whalebones, and eventually the Moonshaes (though others had been there before them). Still others braved and explored the orcinfested interior, becoming partners of The Fallen Kingdom, ancestors of the Uthgardt, and mercenaries for Ascalhorn.

Though they're referred to as barbarians, not all fit this classification. Many of these sea raiders have become civilized, primarily due to the influence of southern folk. They farm, fish, and mine their rugged lands and then trade their goods with southern merchants. Many once-feared raiders have become merchants whose skill at bargaining equals or betters the warlike talents of their ancestors, such that many Northmen merchants return with more southern booty than do raiders.

A savage edge remains; the Luskar and the islanders are fierce and warlike. Fierce dragonships ply the waters, whose wily pirates can outrun and outmaneuver heavily laden merchant galleons. Each summer, the battle cries of Northmen raiders still ring loud in the south. The barbaric Northmen are bold, impetuous, and fierce in battle. Other creatures are treated respectfully if their battle skill is obvious. Like other barbarians, Northmen dislike magic and mages. In rural communities, magic-use is punishable by death. Clerics are treated with aloof disdain,even Northmen
shamans receive no respect.

Northmen love a fight and prize strength and weapon prowess above all. To prove themselves, Northmen war with whomever they feel they can defeat. It's uncommon to find a Northman kingdom not at war. They enjoy hearty food, boisterous songs, good drink (particularly mead and ale), and treat their women with respect, yet they cherish their precious longships beyond all property or family.

The battle ax is the weapon of choice. With ax in one hand and a sturdy shield in the other, a Northman believes he can conquer the world. Missile weapons other than the javelin are weaklings tools, since they don't rely on the strength of the warrior.

At sea, raiders rarely wear armor heavier than studded leather and shield. Metal armor drags one down to Umberlee's bosom too quickly. For land raids, chain mail is donned by those lucky enough to own it. A king or high captain usually owns plate mail. Some fighters have the ability to drive themselves into a frenzy in battle. Warriors who demonstrate this aptitude are often gathered by their king into a royal bodyguard or unit of elite soldiers. The fighters can bring on the berserker rage simply by contemplating imminent combat or in response to a surprise attack.

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The barbarians of Icewind Dale, also known as the men of the tundra, eke out a harsh and bitter life between the Reghed Glacier and the Sea of Moving Ice. The Reghedman are tall, taller than most southerners by a head. They're fair-haired (blond, red, or light brown) and blue-eyed. Like all barbarians, they're suspicious of magic, equating it with both weakness and evil. The only power they recognize is the power of a man's weapon arm. Each tribe is formally ruled by a king. Known tribes are the Tribe of the Elk, the Tribe of the Wolf, the Tribe of the Bear, and the Tribe of the Tiger.

In the recent past, they sought to invade the Ten Towns, only to be repulsed by an unexpected alliance of the towns and the dwarves of Kelvin's Cairn. The barbarian warriors were destroyed. Heafstaag, the wily king of the Tribe of the Elk, allied the tribes with Akar Kessell for the evil wizard's attack on the Ten Towns. Wulfgar, a barbarian youth whose life was spared by the dwarf Bruenor, slew Heafstaag in a challenge and became king.

He brought the barbarians to the Ten Towns, but as allies, not enemies. With their aid, the townsfolk repulsed Kessell's horde. Only a few tribes now roam the wilderness. The rest dwell in the Ten Towns, learning the ways of civilization, having completed rebuilding from the destruction. Their leader is Revjak, an elder barbarian who succeeded Wulfgar Dragonslayer, who rules from Caer-Konig. This city, relative to the other nine cities, contains the greatest number of barbarians.

The tundra barbarians worship both beast totems and the god Tempos (their name for Tempus). Unlike the Uthgardt, the tundra barbarian shamans cannot call upon their totem's beast power. The barbarians dwelling on the tundra can raise a horde of 250 men. The barbarians in the towns can raise 500.

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The Uthgardt are a black-haired and blue-eyed folk descended from a mixture of Northmen, Netherese, and a few savage tribes. One of these descendent tribes includes the Beorunni,who live by raiding, hunting, gathering, and farming.

Presently, the Uthgardt are divided into scattered tribes,each named after the beast totems which Uthgar conquered Black Lion, Thunderbeast, Red Tiger, Blue Bear (although there's not much left of them right now), Great Worm, Sky Pony, Tree Ghost, Black Raven, Griffon, and Gray Wolf.

Although civilization has come north in waves throughout history, much of the Uthgardt land is wild and untamed. Their lands extend north into the Spine, south to Stone Bridge, east to Cold Wood, and west to Neverwinter Wood.

Although some tribes have embraced agriculture and fixed habitations, the Uthgardt have few stable villages. Most tribes wander the wilderness in small clans or family groups and live within a few weeks travel of their ancestor mounds. Tradition is the centerpiece of Uthgardt life, and this blind devotion to tradition keeps them savage. Strength is everything, and civilization is a weakness not tolerated. Among the Uthgardt, men are
warriors and hunters women tend to gathering and family needs. They have no written language and no art beyond geometric carvings and clothing decoration. Religion and philosophy focus on war, plunder, and survival. They're superstitious, with a paranoid dislike of magic.

The Uthgardt have little to do with city folk, other than as prey, though some tribes have made "civilized" alliances. Both lone travelers and large caravans are considered ripe fruit for plunder. Though they prey on civilized folk and frequently fight among themselves, they're quick to unite even with non-Uthgardt against their ancestral enemy: the orcs.

In addition to hand axe, knife, and spear, the Uthgardt favor the battle axe, atlatl and javelin, and long bow. Most barbarians wear leather or studded leather armor, and a chieftain is normally found with chain mail. Shields, when used at all, are typically spiked bucklers, something that a warrior can use as a weapon when necessary

Red Tiger Tribe
Ancestor Mound: Beorunna's Well
Chieftain: Adalwulf Longfang
Shaman: Garinen the Maker
Ritual Enemy: Blue Bear tribe
Like their totem beast (that's also called the snow cat, since its fur changes color in winter), this tribe is wild and solitary. They hunt in very small family groups and roam widely, primarily in the Cold Wood. They're wary of all strangers and avoid contact with things or folk they don't know. The tribe has few shamans and no shrines other than Beorunna's Well.

The men of the Red Tiger tribe are strictly hunters, leaving gathering
and trading to women, the elderly, and children. The Red Tigers believe the true test of a hunter is the ability to bring down prey unaided. Often, their only weapons are "tiger claws," short wooden handles embedded with three sharp stone daggers. The hunter holds these so the daggers project between the fingers like claws. The Red Tigers are loyal to King Gundar Brontoskin of the Thunderbeasts, who won their respect during a Runehunt by bringing back a leucrotta, slain with only a pair of tiger claws.
Adalwulf Longfang has ruled the tribe for many years and is preparing to hand the mantle of rulership to his son, Shinoras. He feels as though
he's getting old and is getting in everyone else's way, but Shinoras
has refused to become chieftain of the tribe until his father passes along (a day he's not looking forward to).

Sky Pony Tribe
Ancestor Mound: One Stone
Chieftain: Jerek Wolf-slayer
Shaman: Adalwyn Swiftwings
Cleric: Jathrin Heartflow (Tempus)
Ritual Enemy: Orcs
The Sky Pony tribe is one of the most active tribes in the North,wandering from their ancestor mound in the eastern Moonwood to the southern reaches of Icewind Dale. Their devotion to the god Tempus is legendary, and they frequently track orcs back to their lairs in an effort to rid the Barbarian North of their kind.

Jerek Wolf-slayer is the aged leader of the tribe. He's quite old, but he remains active and vigorous. With the death of Jerek's son, Torlin, at the hands of the tribe's former shaman, there is no heir to take control of the
noble Sky Ponies. In an effort to prove their worth, many of the Sky Pony tribe's warriors have gone to great lengths to demonstrate their battle prowess, hoping to gain the old chieftain's nod in ruling the tribe.
Valric High Eye was the tribe's former shaman, and he was a
man truly feared by his people. He over-zealously summoned the
spirit of the Sky Pony into the chieftain's son, sending it after the
barbarian Wulfgar and his companions. Upon finding the lifeless
body of Torlin, the Sky Pony tribe realized that Valric had overstepped
his authority, and Jerek killed the old shaman for his crime.
Adalwyn Swiftwings has since replaced Valric as the spiritual leader of the tribe. Needless to say, he's been somewhat leery of summoning ancestral spirits without the approval of Jerek.

Thunderbeast Tribe
Ancestor Mound: Morgur’s Mound
Chieftain: King Gundar Brontoskin
Shaman: Kierkrad Seventoes
Druid: Wisteria Borsdotter (Silvanus)
Cleric: Sigurd Gandolfsson (Tyr)
Ritual Enemy: Wolves
The town of Grunwald near the High Forest is home to this most civilized of the barbarians. Although, he wields no official power over other tribes, Gundar Brontoskin has the charisma and respect necessary to call the tribes together into a horde. The tribe takes its name from the apatosaurus that roamed here in ancient times, and tribal shamans claim thunderbeasts still dwell in the High Forest. The clan's hearth at Morgur's
Mound is surmounted by an apatosaurus skeleton. It said that in time of great need, the tribal shamans can animate the skeleton to fight in the tribe's defense. In addition to the beast cult shamans, the Thunderbeast tribe in Grunwald has grown civilized enough to tolerate priests of other religions, primarily druids of Silvanus and the clerics of Tyr.

Tree Ghost Tribe
Ancestor Mound: Grandfather Tree
Chieftain: Gunther Longtooth
Shaman: Chungred Ghostheart
Ritual Enemy: Evil undead creatures
The Tree Ghosts, led by Gunther Longtooth and their tribal shaman Chungred Ghostheart are one of the few barbarian tribes who have
achieved peace in recent memory, rediscovering their long-lost ancestor mound of Grandfather Tree on Shieldmeet in 1368. Many of the tribe's members believe that the destruction of the Blue Bears was Uthgar's punishment toward that wicked tribe.

The Tree Ghosts have refused to allow any former Blue Bear
tribesmen to join their clan, fearful of attracting the "fury of Uthgar." However, they have banded together with the other woodland creatures to defend the forest from harm, swearing peace with the elves, treants, satyrs, dryads, and other forest inhabitants.

While the Tree Ghosts still respect Alustriel of Silverymoon, they now believe that their true path lies with preserving Grandfather Tree and the forest that surrounds it. Alustriel has made it clear that she respects their desire to protect Grandfather Tree, and she has provided the barbarians with much-needed supplies for the tribe's town that is being built near the ancestor mound.
Chungred Ghostheart fell while fighting a brown bear, breaking his back in the process. After three-years of depression and drunkenness, he began training a young woman, Spirithajj , to take his place. Meanwhile, she
cares for the paraplegic Ghostheart and is becoming the spiritual
leader of the Tree Ghosts.

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