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Journal of a mage-smith

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1Journal of a mage-smith Empty Journal of a mage-smith on Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:03 pm

The Journal is riddled with various signs and formulae, scrawled research notes on matters both arcane, and on the manufacturing on arms and armor.

One of the later entries stands out a bit from the rest,
both in legibility and in that its not made up of abbreviations and codes,
but written clearly, and in dwarven runes :


I be Sindre.

Smith, wizard, warrior and outcast.
This be me tale.

Ta begin with tha beginnings, me childhood.
Me father perished when I was a young lad, deadites, undead, came from below.
Pursuin a promisin' vein o' good ore, we'd dug inta some apparently natural tunnels,
an soon after, tha deadites attacked.

I dun be knowin' much o' them battles, but them deadites were many an' strong,
several o' our warriors fell 'fore we drove 'em back,
an' clerics of Dumathoin an' Moradin sealed tha cursed tunnels.

Now, in retrospect, fer a young dwarf, tha's maybe nae so bad as may be fer a human kid,
ye see, a dwarf need nae fear ta starve an freeze, long as tha hall be still held.
Kin and clan take care of them's own, but all tha same,
family be important fer us dwarves, and tha loss be a hard un.

Tha worst be, we could nae find all tha bodies o our fallen.
Me father be among them, I be hatin tha think he be risen as a deadite,
cursed an' findin nae true rest.

Now, I always been havin an interested in tha smithwork an tha forge,
but tha greatest secrets of smithin' be kept jealously in each family...
an if me father knew any secrets o' tha dwarwen smithlore,
he nae had tha time ta pass 'em on tae me, seein as he died when I be just a wee lad.

I be havin nae problems gettin tha learn tha basics, an I learned 'em well an fast.
Among humans, wha I learned 'd be considered good smithcraft, aye,
but we dwarves be truly masters o' that art.
Tha great dwarven smiths can make weapons an armor
tha be as good as those permanently enchanted by a mage or cleric...
It be then an' now me goal tha make items worthy o' passing inta legend,
an tha protect our warriors so less be forced ta lose their kin.

First I tried gettin' trained as a priest o Dumathoin,
but whilst i be good at learnin, tha priest say i be lackin' in faith,
I be wishin ta craft items more fer me own sake than fer Dumathoin he be sayin.
May be he be right, may be he be wrong, but truth o tha matter be ,
I couldnae channel as much as a simple cantrip.

I be worried tha there be nae way fer me ta reach me goal,
but one night. in me dream i saw a figure, a symbol in a dream.

T 'was tha form o holy Azuth, tha archmagister, laird of wizardry.
He be offerin a way ta me goal, a hard way, but a way if I be willin ta trod it.

Tha next day I be noticing one o me mothers chests bore a sign from me dream,
tha symbol o' tha archmage. I be realizin then, tha me dream be no mere dream,
but me path, me fate.

I had me a talk with her, an it be turnin out,
she an me father been some sort o' adventurers, or mercenaries.
Them been working toghether fer a time, an their skills be complementin each other,
she telled me. Him swingin' his axe, an her weaving her spells.

She'd put her magic away whilst stayin in ha halls, as tha other dwarves o me former clan be a mistrustful lot,
especially towards mages.I dun be thinkin anyone knew, an if anyone knew, none be talkin 'bout it.

She caution'd me aganst it, but in tha end she offered tha teach me what she be knowin...
after i telled her o me dream of Azuth.

It be goin' on fer a while but o course, tha elders found out eventually.
Them were nae ta pleased, and told me mother ta cease usin' her arcane arts, or leave,
an gave me tha choice of either leavin as well, or be stoppin me studies into them "dirty arts" as them be calling it,
and find me a profession afittin' a Dwarf.

I be thinkin them be surprised when I be choosin' ta leave,
but I be a Dwarf, an' when there be a goal, a fire in our hearts, we cannae but pursue it,
nae good come o denyin' fate .

I shaved me beard an' left tha halls, forfeitin me membership in tha clan, an me right ta mention em' as kin,
an by same, denyin them tha right ta name me kin as well.

I have neve'er spoken tha name o me former clan since tha day,
an I be durned if I will, lest they be choosin ta accept me back as what I be.

Hah! That'd be tha day, them goin back on somethin' like that.

Me mother an me left, I be thinkin she'd stayed if id chosen ta stay, but I be thinkin she be missin' practicin her art.
Fer all her justified fears, she seemed brighter o mood when she taught me tha art in secret than tha years afore.

An on tha outside I furthered me studies fer a while under her tutilage, but she was already bein' an old woman.

Aye, I be suppoing tha in case someun' be readin this,
be it long after I be dust meself, I should mention tha me mom,
tough she be tha most Dwarven woman I met,
she be nae born a Dwarf, but one o tha tallfolk, a human.
She moved ta tha halls with me father when their adventurin' days be over, an I be just a toddler.
I be nae knowin how, but she adapted well ta tha dwarven ways, an she be standin tall, in tha way of Dwarves.

After she passed from old age, I did as she suggested, an' left fer Silverymoon,
in order tha study there, as she had in her youth.

And I be thinkin' at tha time I secretly hoped tha once I be masterin both tha smiths hammer an enough o tha arts
fer making weapons an armor o worth, then I'd be findin' acceptance an a place among tha famed Darves o mithral hall.

Lookin back i be seein how foolish such a tought be, Nae doubt they'd be reactin' tha same ta a Dwarven wizard as me old clan.

But tha futile hope be part o' what first be settin me on this path I be walkin',
I be keepin' me axework up, both fer in tha beginnin thinkin' bein a warrior as well may be grantin me more respect among Dwarves,
an' fer tha reason tha I be thinkin' a good craftsman be at least somewhat knowin' in tha use o' his wares.

At first, I stayed fer a while in tha village of high hold, an later found me way ta Quaervarr,
where I managed ta purchase me some knowledge o tha arcane from a disturbin figure by tha goes by tha name Mancibo.
I be nae certain what race he be, but he be seeming ta be bringin' nae harm tha Quaervarr tha I be able ta see.
More importantly, he be willin ta share o' his knowledge fer coin,
an I was nae in a position ta turn down a willin' an avialiable source o spells with nae good reason.

Me skill at smith'in earned me some coin, an me skill at magic eventually
allowed me creating minor enchantments on weapons an armor,
tough I found meself needin ta follow in me parents footsteps as an adventurer, fer financing me studies.

I been studyin tha art dilligently since, an as I be writin this, I be a mage o some power,
as well as a passable warrior I be thinkin.

Knowledge o tha art, masterin' a new spell, fer me now be feelin almost as satisfactory as makin a truly good axe or set o' armor.

I've studied spells I be thinkin many in me own situation be wantin nae part o'. Necromancy. Tha dark art.
I, however be of tha opinion tha ignorance nae be a good defense, nor be it a good way fer defeatin' anythin.
Tha school of necromancy be holdin much knowledge fer fightin them deadites, nae just makin 'em.

If me father be one of tha deadites now, thanks ta me focusin me studies in tha direction, I be knowin how ta at last grant him rest.

To allay tha fears o anyone readin this, an as a reminder ta meself i be puttin down tha followin in writin:

I be a practical dwarf, an I be an advocate o' usin' tha best weapon fer tha situation,
but there be a line I be drawin, an fer tha sake o' ne'er fallin' fer tha temptation I swore me an oath.

"By Azuth, by Dumathoin, by Mystra, by Moradin, by Clanggeddin, an me dead father,
I be swearin tha I never willfully shall be creatin' undead creatures ta blight tha world,
E'en nae fer a short while afore puttin' 'em down.

This Sindre swears.
This be me oath, an I be forever in me own eyes an tha eyes o me gods an me father, an oathbreaker shall I break it."

But tha path ta them caves where me father fell be trough me old hall,
an I dont see me gettin passage trough there.
An I'd need be convincin 'em ta open tha sealed passage,
e'en tough I be seeking ta make sure brave warriors of tha clan be findin their well-earned rest.

Fer now, I be keepin me axe an fightin' skills sharp by lettin tha orcs nearby learn tha fear dwarven axes an spells.
It be helpin me coffers too, an I even managed ta find a few scrolls i be havin use fer.

I be startin ta get more demand o me enchantin skills, an hopefully I be makin meself a good reputation with me skills.
Workin on commission fer such a mixed lot be a challenge, an a blessin in disguise, praise Azuth.
Tough I still be thinkin there be nae weapon tha'beat tha good ol' Dwarven waraxe,
I been learnin tha value o several other weapons, an made meself familiar with both makin an weildin 'em.

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