A persistent world set in the Frozen North of The Forgotten Realms


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From the Ashen Grove

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1From the Ashen Grove Empty From the Ashen Grove on Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:27 pm

::::::::::::::: 1: Fealty :::::::::::::::::::::

The Brownie stood in the still smoking field.

His home was destoyed, ashes all that remained.
His home, his life, his family, his friends, were gone.


The family of bunnies in the hole beneath the roots of the oak.
The great tits that nested in the branches of it.
Even the squirrel that tried to raid the birds eggs,
all were gone. Lost in the fire.

He cried till he was dry of tears,
Wandering the burned down forest glen all night,
and when morning came, he had seen them.


Clearing the burned wood.

Making fields.

They had destroyed his home, set fire to it,
burned trees older than the eldest among them...
For making fields.

He stood watching, feeling cold, alone and helpless.
Where was the right in this ? what gave them the right ?

Only one small brownie, he could not hope to attain anything.

And knowing them the humans "owned" the land they had cleared,
Other humans would not care. What did he have ? Pranks ?
Pranks as payback for this ?

When night fell, he stood on a stone
in the middle of the ashen field.

Clothes dirty and ashes in his hair.

The small brownie let out a loud wail of sorrow.
With it, sadness left, and anger found room.

" Please! Queen of all fey, I beseech thee!
I am but one small Brownie, I cannot bring justice for this...
help me, avenge my friends, and stop these murderers.
please !"

The darkening nights silence loomed threateningly in his mind,
a deeper darkness seemed to descend,
and he felt its chill creep down his spine.

A slight wind, where there was none played in his hair...

Then he saw her.

Gliding slowly toward him, a beautiful faerie woman.

Pale skin, angular features framed by a mane of black hair,
so dark he imagined any light to strike it, the light would sputter and die.

He shivered, staring transfixed at the sight of the terrible beauty before him.

Slowly she lifted a cold hand and touched his cheek, her face not changing at all as he heard her words,
her voice cold, devoid of emotion.

"Come... Serve Us, and in return,
thou shalt have the means of thine vengeance.

We shalt bestow upon thou power so thou need not be helpless.
We shalt teach thou to draw strength from thine dark feelings.
We shalt teach thou how to defend thyself, and thine, and mine.

Pledge thyself to thy true Queen, little fey."

He shivered as he gazed into the beauty of those blood-black cold eyes.
A beauty that should not , could not exist, yet did.
Something different than all he had known.

Kneeling, he first found he could not speak..
on the third try his words came.

"I pledge myself, to thy service my queen...
My love and my soul and my devotion is thine,
Thy will shalt be mine law "

She smiled at him then,
and tough there was no emotion visible in that smile,
somehow it was made only more beautiful for it.

Again he heard the queen's chillingly beautiful voice.

"So thou has spoken, and so it shalt be.
Arise thee now... Mord Ashengrove, of the Unseelie court
as thou accepts Our gift, so We accepts thy liege bond.

The woman faded, and slowly the newly renamed brownie stood,
a cold gleam in his eyes.

He would make his Queen proud. He would serve her well.
The loss of his home mattered little now...

It had brought him his Queen.

His Queen of Air and Darkness.

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