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1Server Rules Empty Server Rules on Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:25 am


Silver Marches:

You MUST have the expansion packs Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir installed to play on The Silver Marches. If you do not, you will crash in any area that has placeables, terrain etc etc that were introduced with it.

We use two overrides, Races of Faerun and whatbricks hair. Clear out anything else you may have in your override folder as this may cause lag on the server.

DO NOT KEEP YOUR OVERRIDE FOLDER FULL OF JUNK, players suspected of causing needless lag will be banned, we do track it on the server.

[b]1. This is a high role play server. You should stay in character according to your class/race/alignment at all times. Any OOC talk should be clearly marked as such, done on the party channel or in tells.

2. Use of "Shout" channel is restricted to DM/Staff only.

3. DM decisions are final. Respect what they tell you. If you feel it was unfair or inappropriate, please speak with Vermathax.

4. You may PvP IF it is well role played and agreed on by ALL players involved beforehand. Once the PvP is over with, the PCs must avoid each other as much as possible. The loser may not seek out the winner for revenge. The only time the involved PCs should play together afterward is they have RPed some sort of agreement/truce. Bullying will not be tolerated, by that we mean picking on other players simply because you've taken a dislike to their pc. Remember RP is the name of the game.

5. Players MAY NOT transfer items from any PC they play to another PC they play, under any circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to, muling using another player or dropping it and picking it up as another PC.

6. PCs may give items to other PCs (played by another player) IF there is a RP reason for it, and it is an item appropriate to the level of the PC receiving the item.

7. It is an 18 server, so graphic conversation is not prohibited. That said, it should be done in character and privately. Be aware that a DM may be present and can see your conversation, and/or will get ANY conversation on the party channel. If it involves PCs that have no IC reason to do it and a DM sees it, you will be subject to possible alignment shifts, etc as the DM deems appropriate. This also applies to use of vulgar language (swearing, etc). It is not prohibited, but please make sure it is IC and not used simply to offend. If anyone has a complaint about the language/conduct of another player, please speak to scalyface .

7a. Sexual harrassment In character or otherwise is strictly forbidden on this server. Any complaints backed up with a screenshot proving this will result in the offender being banned immediately. Any aspects of rape or pornographic behavior will result in an immediate ban.

7b. Character Description on Character Creation screen.
All Player Characters are considered 18 (or racial equivalent) on the server. In the description field any wording implying otherwise will get them wiped and the player warned.

8. All rules posts or announcements in the forum must be followed by the player. It is your responsibility to read them. This is not meant to be an all inclusive list and may be modified at any time. Please use common sense and courtesy when in the server. Violations of any these rules will result in warnings and/or banning.

9. The five level rule MUST be adhered to by everyone (with the exception of the Hellfire Warlock class since it only allows three levels in the game engine):

The five level rule has been modified. You may now level as you wish, but in any additional classes you take you MUST have at least five levels in it/them by the time you reach 20th. Levels 21 upwards, you must take at least 3 levels in any new class taken up to 30th.

10. Logging out of the PW to avoid a death is punishable by being banned. It is cheating and unfair to other players.
Our DM's are competent to judge what is a legitimate crash and persistent logging off when in battle.

11. Very Important : Before downloading and installing our haks, please make sure your hak folders and override folders from My documents and Atari/NW2 are empty of other third party haks and overrides. This will avoid conflicts with M and S required files.

12. There are no special applications for NWN2 PrCs. There is an application for Kaedrin's PrCs and Monster Races in RoF. Those applications go to Vermathax. Those applications MUST include Login, Char name, Final Build, Progression, Background, and Observations,/notes.

12a. Races of Faerun race applications go to Vermathax. Those applications just need Login, Character Name, Race, and a list of areas that character is not allowed to enter based on this rule: (listed below)

13. Epic Levels : Free to be taken when you pass the level cap. If you do still wish an event to be run, contact arolar, but this is no longer an obligation.

14. Redoing pc's is not permitted on Moonlight and Shadows, think carefully before you level up. As of 05 March 2009 "restarting". If you wish to restart a character for a plausible IC reason send a PM to Vermathax and he will approve the restart, if appropriate. Please note that no items or xp is allowed to be transferred between the old PC and the "restarted" one.

15. Divine spell casters must choose domains as specified here:

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2Server Rules Empty Deities/Domains on Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:50 am


Head Overseer
All deities will be listed alphabetically, without regard to race or alignment. Please remember that in order to be an accepted cleric on Moonlight & Shadows, you must have at least one of these domains for your chosen deity.

If anyone has a desire for this list in a Microsoft Excel format, please let me know.

Abbathor -Dwarf, Evil, Luck, Trade, Trickery

Aerdrie Faenya -Air, Animal, Chaos, Elf, Good, Storm

Akadi -Air, Illusion, Travel, Trickery

Angharradh -Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, Renewal

Anhur -Chaos, Good, Strength, Storm, War

Arvoreen -Good, Halfling, Law, Protection, War

Auril -Air, Evil, Storm, Water

Azuth -Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Law, Spell

Baervan Wildwanderer -Animal, Gnome, Good, Plant, Travel

Bahgtru -Chaos, Evil, Orc, Strength

Bane -Evil, Destruction, Hatred, Law, Tyranny

Baravar Cloakshadow -Gnome, Good, Illusion, Protection, Trickery

Berronar Truesilver -Dwarf, Family, Good, Healing, Law, Protection

Beshaba -Chaos, Evil, Fate, Luck, Trickery

Brandobaris -Halfling, Luck, Travel, Trickery

Callarduran Smoothhands -Cavern, Craft, Earth, Gnome

Chauntea -Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, Protection, Renewal

Clangeddin Silverbeard -Dwarf, Good, Law, Strength, War

Corellon Larethian -Chaos, Elf, Good, Magic, Protection, War

Cyric -Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Illusion, Trickery

Cyrrollalee -Family, Good, Halfling, Law

Deep Duerra -Dwarf, Evil, Law, Mentalism, War

Deep Selashes -Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Ocean, Water

Deneir -Good, Knowledge, Protection, Rune

Dugmaren Brightmantle -Chaos, Craft, Dwarf, Good, Knowledge,

Dumathoin -Cavern, Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Knowledge, Metal, Protection

Eilistraee -Chaos, Charm, Drow, Elf, Good, Moon, Portal

Eldath -Family, Good, Plant, Protection, Water

Erevan Ilesere -Chaos, Elf, Luck, Trickery

Fenmarel Mestarine -Animal, Chaos, Elf, Plant, Travel

Finder Wyvernspur -Chaos, Charm, Renewal, Skalykind

Flandal Steelskin -Craft, Gnome, Good, Metal

Gaerdal Ironhand -Gnome, Good, Law, Protection, War

Garagos -Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War

Gargauth -Charm, Evil, Law, Trickery

Garl Glittergold -Craft, Gnome, Good, Law, Protection, Trickery

Geb -Cavern, Craft, Earth, Protection

Ghaunadaur -Cavern, Chaos, Drow, Evil, Hatred, Slime

Gond -Craft, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Metal, Planning

Gorm Gulthyn -Dwarf, Good, Law, Protection, War

Grumbar -Cavern, Earth, Metal, Time

Gruumsh -Cavern, Chaos, Evil, Hatred, Orc, Strength, War

Gwaeron Windstrom -Animal, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Travel

Haela Brightaxe -Chaos, Dwarf, Good, Luck, War

Hanali Celanil -Chaos, Charm, Elf, Good, Magic, Protection

Hathor -Family, Fate, Good, Moon

Helm -Law, Planning, Protection, Strength

Hoar -Fate, Law, Retribution, Travel

Horus-Re -Good, Law, Nobility, Retribution, Sun

Ilmater -Good, Healing, Law, Strength, Suffering

Ilneval -Destruction, Evil, Orc, Planning, War

Isis -Family, Good, Magic, Storm, Water

Istishia -Destruction, Ocean, Storm, Travel, Water

Jergal -Fate, Law, Repose, Rune, Suffering

Kelemvor -Fate, Law, Protection, Repose, Travel

Kiaransalee -Chaos, Drow, Evil, Retribution, Undeath

Kossuth -Destruction, Fire, Renewal, Suffering

Labelas Enoreth -Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Time

Laduguer -Craft, Dwarf, Evil, Law, Magic, Metal, Protection

Lathander -Good, Nobility, Protection, Renewal, Strength, Sun

Lliira -Chaos, Charm, Family, Good, Travel

Lolth -Chaos, Drow, Evil, Darkness, Destruction, Spider, Trickery

Loviatar -Evil, Law, Retribution, Strength, Suffering

Lurue -Animal, Chaos, Good, Healing

Luthic -Cavern, Earth, Evil, Family, Healing, Orc

Malar -Animal, Chaos, Evil, Moon, Strength

Marthammor Duin -Dwarf, Good, Protection, Travel

Mask -Darkness, Evil, Luck, Trickery

Mielikki -Animal, Good, Plant, Travel

Milil -Charm, Good, Knowledge, Nobility

Moradin -Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Good, Law, Protection

Mystra -Good, Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Spell

Nephthys -Chaos, Good, Protection, Trade

Nobanion -Animal, Law, Good, Nobility

Oghma -Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery

Osiris -Good, Law, Plant, Repose, Retribution

Red Knight -Law, Nobility, Planning, War

Rillifane Rallathil -Chaos, Elf, Good, Plant, Protection

Savras -Fate, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Spell

Sebek -Animal, Evil, Scalykind, Water

Segojan Earthcaller -Cavern, Earth, Gnome, Good

Sehanine Moonbow -Chaos, Elf, Good, Illusion, Knowledge, Moon, Travel

Sel√Ľne -Charm, Good, Moon, Protection, Travel

Selvetarm -Chaos, Drow, Evil, Spider, War

Set -Air, Darkness, Evil, Hatred, Law, Magic, Scalykind

Shar -Cavern, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge

Sharess -Chaos, Charm, Good, Travel, Trickery

Shargaas -Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Orc, Trickery

Sharindlar -Chaos, Charm, Dwarf, Good, Healing, Moon

Shaundakul -Air, Chaos, Portal, Protection , Trade, Travel

Sheela Peryroyl -Air, Charm, Halfling, Plant

Shevarash -Chaos, Elf, Retribution, War

Shiallia -Animal, Good, Plant, Renewal

Siamorphe -Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Planning

Silvanus -Animal, Plant, Protection, Renewal, Water

Solonor Thelandira -Chaos, Elf, Good, Plant, War

Sune -Chaos, Charm, Good, Protection

Talona -Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Suffering

Talos -Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Storm

Tempus -Chaos, Protection, Strength, War

Thard Harr -Animal, Chaos, Dwarf, Good, Plant

Thoth -Craft, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Spell

Tiamat -Evil, Law, Scalykind, Tyrrany

Torm -Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Strength

Tymora -Chaos, Good, Luck, Protection, Travel

Tyr -Good, Knowledge, Law, Retribution, War

Ubtao -Planning, Plant, Protection, Scalykind

Ulutiu -Animal, Law, Ocean, Protection, Strength

Umberlee -Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Ocean, Storm, Water

Urdlen -Chaos, Earth, Evil, Gnome, Hatred

Urogalan -Earth, Halfling, Law, Protection, Repose

Uthgar -Animal, Chaos, Retribution, Strength, War

Valkur -Air, Chaos, Good, Ocean, Protection

Velsharoon -Death, Evil, Magic, Undeath

Vergadain -Dwarf, Luck, Trade, Trickery

Vhaeraun -Chaos, Drow, Evil, Travel, Trickery

Waukeen -Knowledge, Protection, Travel, Trade

Yondalla -Family, Good, Halfling, Law, Protection

Yurtrus -Death, Destruction, Evil, Orc, Suffering

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3Server Rules Empty Exclusion areas for certain Races on Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:52 am


Head Overseer
There are certain "Civilized" areas that exclude certain playable races due to a variety of reasons. With that in mind here is a list of races not allowed in a given area:

Silverymoon & Rauvinwatch Keep Interior and Courtyard Drow, all full-blooded Orcs, Duergar, Spriggans, Ogrillon, Boogin. all goblinoids, all monstrous humanoids, all reptilian humanoids, Ogres, Firbolg, Fomorian, Verbeeg, Ice Spire Ogre, Taer, Bladeling, Durzagon, Lizard King, Alu Fiend, Cambion, Tanarukk, Fey'ri, Krinth, Yaun Ti Halfbloods, Any Deathtouched, Any Extraplanar, Worgs, Dragonborn, Dragonkin. Voadkyn are allowed in Rauvinwatch Keep but not in Silverymoon due to the wards.

Llorkh All races are allowed in Llorkh

Menzobarranzan Elves (except drow), Dwarves, Gnomes, Voadkyn, Durzagon, Fey'ri, Azerblood, Brownies

Quaervarr all full-blooded Orcs (except Ondonti), Duergar, Spriggans, Ogrillon, Boogin, all goblinoids, all monstrous humanoids, all reptilian humanoids, Ogres, Fomorian, Verbeeg, Ice Spire Ogre, Taer, Bladeling, Durzagon, Lizard King, Tanarukk, Varcolaci, Githyanki, Githzerai, Sind, Worgs

Oak House all full-blooded Orcs, Duergar, Spriggans, Ogrillon, Boogin, all goblinoids, all monstrous humanoids, all reptilian humanoids, Ogres, Fomorian, Verbeeg, Ice Spire Ogre, Taer, Bladeling, Durzagon, Lizard King, Tanarukk, any Deathtouched, Any Extraplanar (except half-celestials), Worgs

Mithral Hall Drow, all full-blooded Orcs, Duergar, Spriggans, Ogrillon, Boogin, all goblinoids, all monstrous humanoids, all reptilian humanoids, Ogres, Firbolg, Fomorian, Verbeeg, Voadkyn, Ice Spire Ogre, Taer, Bladeling, Durzagon, Lizard King, Alu Fiend, Cambion, Tanarukk, Yaun Ti Halfbloods, Varcolaci, Any Extraplanar, Worgs

If you have a PC and you wish to RP the entry of your character into an area that excludes your race then set up something with a DM. Please note that a DM may tell you that your request is "not possible". If that is the case the DM's decision is final.

It is the responsibility of the player playing a creature of a given race to know where the exclusions of his race are. If you are applying for a Races of Faerun race you must now include a list of the excluded areas for your character as part of the application. This is to ensure that you understand the ruling in your particular case.

One other note: We are working on a way to make this work as part of a script so this will be automatic. Until such time as a script is in place consider this ruling in effect.

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