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Let Mortal Combat Begin!

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1Let Mortal Combat Begin! Empty Let Mortal Combat Begin! on Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:17 am

The lands of Luruar, commonly known as the Silver Marches, are a harsh and unforgiving mistress. Through trials of ice and fire, sword and spell, common folk are tested time and again. And many perish.

But from amidst the funeral pyres of their former peers arise the absolute strongest. Mighty warriors, deadly assassins, and arcane juggernauts, all of whom wield power rarely seen in the hands of mortal men and women.

Who among you is the best of the best? Who among you is worthy to wear the title of Champion? In one month's time, a tournament shall be held in the Quaervarr training hall. Those who have the courage to participate, sign your names below.

In three weeks, the initial bracket shall be composed. Combatants shall fight a one-on-one battle consisting of up to three rounds, until a victor is declared. The winner of that battle shall face the winner of another, until only one combatant remains among them all. Entry fee for the tournament is 20,000 gold pieces. Winner of the tournament shall claim half of the sum of all entries collected, or 50,000 gold pieces (whichever is greater). Entry fees may be paid either to Alistor Brimsbane or the Quaervarr Sensei, with all profits being divided evenly among them.

And of course, if you wish to properly equip yourself for this tournament, Alistor Brimsbane is happy to sell you a weapon worthy of your ability.


Tournament Rules:

1. Each match shall consist of up to three rounds. The match winner is decided by the combatant who wins two out of three rounds.

2. Instant death magics are forbidden. Violators forfeit the match.

3. No pre-match enhancements are to be cast. Any enhancing effects must be invoked after the round begins. Violators forfeit the round, but not the match.

4. Matches are one combatant versus one combatant. Anyone entering the ring to aid a combatant for any reason will be forcibly removed in a way they will find extremely unpleasant. Familiars, animal companions, or summoned creatures are exempt from this ruling, provided they belong to one of the combatants in the circle.

5. Any combatant who fails to report for the tournament on the specified day automatically forfeits their match to their designated opponent. Tournament staff are not responsible for "accidents" that may happen prior to the tournament.

6. Any combatant who leaves the circle of combat forfeits the round.

7. Engaging in battle outside the circle of combat is forbidden. If you violate this rule, your match is forfeit. If you have already won a match prior to violating this rule, your win is disqualified and your opponent shall take your place.

Tournament Sponsors:
Alistor Brimsbane - "Ultimate power can be yours"
The Quaervarr Sensei - "Martial Arts for Everyone"
Optym's Blade - "Weapons for today's warrior"
Aurora - "Armor, cloaks, hats, rings, and much more"
Cloverose Thrift Store - "Turning gold into care"
Orlen's Scrolls - "Inspiring mages since 1368"
Gaedynn's Potions - "Magic can be delicious"
Mancibo - "Mancibo has no need for tag-lines."

(( OOC comments))

Death Magic is defined as any spell or effect that can instantly kill an opponent, including (but not limited to) Finger of Death, Power Word Kill, Quivering Palm, etc. If your scythe weapon master does a 200-point critical hit and instantly kills your wizard opponent on the first hit, that's perfectly legal. This is why it's best 2 out of 3. Wink
"No pre-match enhancements" means "no buffing before the fight." Use of skills prior to the battle does not count. Feel free to Taunt all you want, or Hide in Plain Sight prior to the fight. Wink
If you leave the big circle on the ground, you lose the round. Even if you're somehow forced out of the circle by your opponent.
Battles are "to the death" OOC, but in this case a "death" is considered a knockout. I will be providing OOC raises to cover this.
All entry fees need to be given to my character Alistor Brimsbane, but if a DM is on you can ask them to take the payment (by possessing the Sensei) instead of waiting for me to show up Wink
You're allowed to sign up as many of your characters as you want, although for obvious reasons you can't have one of your characters fight another of your characters.
When you sign up a character, make an OOC note of your level next to it indicating what level you expect your character to be at in 1 month. I will do my absolute best to match characters up with those within a comparable level range, although the course of the tournament will likely result in some imbalance.
Other than the prohibition on death spells, all items, weapons, and magic are allowed. Feel free to guzzle as many healing potions as you want. Wink

My character Alistor Brimsbane will be hosting this tournament, and acting as referee. Since this is a Role-Play event, if you can manage to break one of the rules without him noticing, then you get away with it. Wink Feel free to try if you are so inclined, but be prepared to make an opposed skill check if appropriate.

This is a player-run event, but if a DM wants to mediate then by all means. I don't yet have a precise date in mind since I'm waiting for my work schedule to come up, but I'm leaning towards February 13, 0300 GMT (February 12, 2100 CST for players in North America).

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