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The Passing of the Flame

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1The Passing of the Flame Empty The Passing of the Flame on Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:15 pm


Four years ago, Soulfiend and I decided to recreate Moonlight and Shadows (originally called The Untold Path) for Neverwinter Nights 2. It was no mean task, as the toolset had been revamped and there were many bugs, that through subsequent patches have been more or less fixed.
We were lucky enough to find a sponsor in Scratch Telecom and Moonlight and Shadows went live on the 2nd Feb 2007, containing High Hold, the Moonwood and The High Hold Hills.
We were joined by a computer guru genius, DW and Stiig was our main play tester. At this time it was an application only server.
The success of MaS took us completely by surprise, throughout 2007 we regularly added new content, community haks and had a steady playerbase of around 15 to 20 players on most evenings, a good teams of DM's that ran on the fly events and programmed campaigns at weekends.
Around this time Kent (Soulfiend) had to take a backseat due to RL and arolar was added to the Triad to take some of the weight and help with new content, which I was managing virtually on my own.
MaS continued to grow into 2008.
Around this time my RL situation took a dramatic turn for the worse when my wife of 25 years decided growing old with me wasn't her thing, and I could not be as present as I was beforehand to oversee the PW.

Since this time of my life (august 2008), my interest in the upkeeping of MaS has varied from being completely absent for weeks to working over complete weekends on the PW.
Most recently with the streamlining of the PW and agreeing to let Maxduelantus input his vision of The Silver Marches.

However, I must face up to realities and after much reflection and soul (forgive the pun) searching, I'm no longer interested in building nor maintaining a NW2 PW.

There are a number of reasons for this, mostly personal, the main one being my RL situation is now comfortable and I'm enjoying life again with a new love.
NW2 simply doesn't give me that buzz it did during it's boom years and to be perfectly frank, never did give me the buzz the original Neverwinter Nights did.

Is this permanent? Only time will tell.

I will still be around as a player and will of course love to interact with RP, but all your main queries, whys and what fors should be directed to Maxduelantus, whom I have entrusted with the flame that was MaS and is now The Silver Marches.

I wish everyone involved with the project, past and present, all the best in putting MaS back on the podium of top PW's and may you all have as much enjoyment as I have in creating a vibrant, living Persistent World.


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