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Bard Song : The Tales of Merin Stonesinger

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1Bard Song : The Tales of Merin Stonesinger Empty Bard Song : The Tales of Merin Stonesinger on Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:19 am

First entry is a simple profile and background for Merin.

Merin stands at 3 1/2 feet tall with a thin wiry build and tanned skin flecked with transparent gold scales. His long wavy red hair is let loose to drape over his shoulders, ccenting the curiously inquisitive emerald green serpentine eyes.
He commonly wears a large red leather coat, it's many pockets filled with a variety of trinkets and baubles. Upon his hip usually rests a well cared for violin and he is never seen without his red feathered hat nearby.

Name : Merin Stonesinger
Race : Rock Gnome (part dragon : gold)
Age : 140 years
Height : 3 1/2 feet
Weight : 60lbs
Hair : Red, Wavy
Eyes : Emerald, Serpentine
Skin : Tanned, lightly scaled
Preferred foodstuffs : Bread, Nuts, Sweets, Cake, Fruit
Disliked foodstuffs : Meat, bitter, spicy
Preferred Drinks : Ale, Wine, Water
Disliked Drinks : Whiskey, Coffee, Rum
Likes : Smiles, Laughter, Children, Pranks, Music, Stories, Knights
Dislikes : Anger, Frowns, Crying, Mean People, Hate
Favorite Color : Red
General Facts : Merin is a well traveled bard that crossed the sea from a small mining town named Oblon in Lantan. He has traveled the reaches of Faerun, from the Sword Coast to the Far East and has even once been sucked into the Astral Plane. His travels led him through the Silver Marches once before and now he has returned once again to perform for the people during these troubled times, wishing for nothing but to inspire with his music.

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